About Me


I am Pranav Karawale, a 16 year old web developer. I’ve got knowledge of not all, but many things. I am also known as obnoxiousnerd on the Web. I’ve been fascinated by the Web and all the people out there who do crazy, creative stuff. I hope someday I’ll do something which will help many people in their lives. All the above stuff might make me look serious, but I’m not that serious :). Besides programming, my intrests are largely in watching other people on YouTube, football(⚽) and hanging out with friends.

Currently, I am working on a project called Lookahead, which is in its early days. You can check it out. You might also expect some posts written here about it 😉.

If you really like my work, you might send me a tip on Brave Rewards, become a Patron, or offer me a job :)

About this site

You can say that this site is my home in the realm of the Internet. This is a static site generated by Hugo, and is hosted on Vercel. This site was first made with Next.js, which turned out to be bad for me ‘cause I didn’t organise everything 😅, but I hope I will, this time. And BTW, this cool theme is a fork of the amazing Hugo Base16 theme by htdvisser. And the beautiful font you’re looking at? Its Victor Mono! Here I write about a lot things(there might not be much to read, but stay tuned!). Here I also aim to experiment with bleeding-edge web tech and see how it works out. So go rolling! Have fun!